Gizmo’s Story

In the second week of February 2003, a dog by the name of Gizmo was surrendered to the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society. Initially very timid, this undernourished dog became very friendly with me after a few days. On Tuesday, February 18th, I arrived at the shelter at 6am to let the dogs out for their morning pee (normal shelter hours begin at 8am). Gizmo lay huddled in a ball in his run and it took some time to get him outside. While out, he walked very slowly, wouldn’t play tag like he had done every other morning, and wouldn’t eat his food when I brought him back inside.

Shelter manager Judy Atkinson was informed of his condition later that morning and a vet appointment was arranged. Prior to his appointment Gizmo was having bloody diarrhea and he looked severely fatigued. He was seen by Dr. Julia Morris at Balmoral Veterinarian Clinic (now Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital). It was determined he suffered from an auto-immune blood disorder, a serious and possibly life-threatening illness. Against veterinary recommendations, unlicensed vet tech Christine L’esperance administered to Gizmo one year-old meds of a different dosage that had been prescribed for a shelter cat. To save the shelter money she refused to purchase new medication. She knew how to “cut corners”, Atkinson would later brag.

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    #1 written by shenry
    about 3 years ago

    I can’t believe I just read that. Good luck Gizmo and I hope your death as a result of murder is not lost. We need change, the OSPCA cannot be aloud to continue this way they need to be held accountable. Atkinson should be criminally charged and sent to jail and the person who brought Gizmo in needs his job back. We donate money to save these dogs and the OSPCA break their own laws and don’t go to jail but the general public is left in the hands of these corrupt officers. What is going on, this is just ridiculous.

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