By Peter Worthington from The Huffington Post:

This is the story of two dogs named Rocky — one a 16-year-old husky which was unnecessarily seized and killed by the OSPCA this summer, and the other being feted by the OSPCA at a fundraiser on Nov. 28 at Roy Thomson Hall.

The owner of the assassinated Rocky (okay, euthanized) feels the fundraising is being used to confuse people and make them forget the horrendous botch-up with their dog. Maybe, maybe not.

Certainly the OSPCA Rocky is a nice story of restoring a mange-riddled dog to normality, though calling it “a shining example of the life-saving work the OSPCA performs every day,” seems a bit of a stretch.

Pity their “life-saving work” was nowhere in sight for Gianna Tramontin’s Rocky.

When a neighbour phoned the OSPCA to say that a dog had collapsed in the Tramontin’s back yard (Gianna Tramontin is a school teacher), the animal was picked up and delivered to the OSPCA in Newmarket and was promptly euthanized.

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